At CCW, our Wine Club is special--

YOU select the wines for each quarter!

  • Save 20% on CCW bottles of wine

  • Save 20% on CCW logo wear

  • Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine for you & a guest when you visit

  • Activate your membership by making a 3-bottle purchase.

  • Continue to purchase 3 bottles of your choice on your 1st visit of each quarter (Feb, May, Aug, Nov.)

  • Place your order on line if you cannot pick up your quarterly selection. We can store your wine or ship it to you (shipping rates apply) *We ship to 37 states + the District of Columbia (see our website for a complete list)

  • Each time you visit, let the cashier know you are a WC member to enjoy your benefits.

Ask a staff member for a membership form!

2021 Wine Club Socials (Members only)

Saturday February 6
Friday May 7
Friday August 6
Saturday November 6